I absolutely love to read and sometimes start to read whatever’s lying around without even realising it. Mind you, I’ve discovered some amazing books and learned some amazing stuff this way. For instance, it’s how I discovered In Search of Excellence, one of the best books I’ve ever read.

I don’t borrow books from other people or from the library, for two reasons. Firstly, if I like a book and find it useful I like to have a copy to hand for reference and re-reading. Secondly because I’m a massive underliner and annotator. I love to underline key take away messages and add my own notes, anecdotes and aide memoirs to books. For this reason I also don’t like to lend my personal copies to other people, since they’re so precious and personal to me. If I think someone would benefit from reading a particular book I prefer to buy them their own copy.

Here I will, over time, compile a list of the books that I have found useful and that have made an impression on me. I will give a review of each including the key lessons learned.

Most of my books are non-fiction. But there are one or two fiction books on my bookshelf too.